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Originally Posted by Zigr View Post
Supposedly at least one of the people who's revealed these items from the film is "legit." I'll wait and see, however. Even lurking on TORN is frustrating at the moment. The self-appointed opinion police who can't abide the slightest hint of not towing the party line about lavishing undying praise upon the films are out in force. The spoilers seem to have spooked a lot of people who might otherwise have been giving it the benefit of the doubt.

EDIT: That being said, a lot of the complaints seem very petty too. I'd prefer more "it's not true to its own themes/the book's themes/ etc" and less "Nooo Beorn isn't in it enough," which isn't exactly the most compelling reason for questioning the film in my opinion.
I know some people who criticised the 2nd movie because 'it wasn't humorous enough'.
While the Hobbit was a humorous tale at points, it's not a comedy. Also, PJ screwed up, and the humor is not how it was in the book, bringing me back to the original statement that the movies aren't true to The Hobbit's themes.
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