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Though it was early enough that he was among the first to arrive at breakfast, NŠin was late enough to have a properly prepared breakfast, and not to be joining Erbrand in his gruelish repast. Frodides welcomed him back with warmth. As far as the old cook was concerned, NŠin was still in her good graces. Kara was elsewhere at the moment, to NŠin's disappointment, but to Frodides' assurance that she'd be back any moment with whatever she had slipped out to fetch, NŠin simply thanked her, but said not to worry. There would be plenty of time time to see Kara yet in the day, and NŠin was firstly concerned with eating; it had been a long night and he expected that he would have much labour yet to do, and he wished to be at it as quickly as he might.

Carrying his food aimlessly towards the tables, NŠin took a wrong turn, and ended up going a longer way around, and past one of the tents where too men were standing, talking.

He assumed that the two men were Rohirrim. Certainly, they weren't Gondorian, and if they were in Eodwine's retinue, that would make sense. As he approached, however, NŠin had to wonder, however, because the accent of the one asking about the other's trapping didn't sound Rohirric. The Dwarf wasn't sure what it was... more northern, perhaps.

"How is Kara?"

It seemed the stranger-sounding man's question was unwelcome, from the look on the other's face, though NŠin did not know why. Before the other man could answer, the Dwarf walked up beside the glowering trapper, and introduced himself.

"NŠin at your service," he said, attempting a bow awkwardly, as he was still carrying his food. "In service to King …omer of this land, at the request of King Thorin of the Lonely Mountain, and--if the Lord Eodwine does not object--the mason-advisor to project of rebuilding Scarburg."

The two men stared at him somewhat blankly, as if not quite sure what to make of him.

"And you are.... ?" NŠin prompted.

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