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Crabannan responded pleasantly enough. That simple answer would have been enough to satisfy him and he would be glad to walk away and get on with his work, but the conversation went on with Crabannan asking the questions.

"Up early today, Erbrand?" Crabannan asked.

"Yes, but no more than usual."

"How is the hunting these days? Are the rabbits keeping up with you? They breed quickly, of course, but... I daresay that you put a great strain on the poor mothers."

Rabbits! Was that all Crabannan thought he did: hunt rabbits! An insult and a complement in the same breath. Already Erbrand's temper was beginning to flare, when he got in these moods his anger was easily kindled.

Crabannan smiled his crooked smirk and began to walk off towards the kitchen. Relieved at the short encounter, Erbrand began to leave, but was stopped when Crabannan turned:"How is Kara?"

Erbrand spun around abruptly. He liked his privacy and got easily offended if someone would start sticking their noses into his own life. Even though he enjoyed listening to the gossiping of the kitchen women, he always dismissed it as just that: gossip. He made it a point to not pay any serious attention to mindless talking, and left it up to himself, not others, to form an opinion. He would have payed no attention to Crabannan's question, respond, and then walk off, but something about the name of Kara caused something to snap inside him.

He was frustrated with himself over his feelings, he had always made it a point to avoid the ladies in his home town and was convinced that he would never marry, making it all the more shocking to find out that he might be wrong. There was something about being around Kara that was different from anyone else, he smiled at the thought of her, and cherished the short conversations that they had. He did not yet know if she liked him in the same way, and he was still unsure about his own feelings. Erbrand didn't like the way that Crabannan asked the question, and all of his feelings blended together to remind him of his anger and sadness over the situation.

The look on his face was that of disgust, for Crabannan's unnecessary prodding in his matters and for him even mentioning Kara's name in such a way. He approached him with long swift strides, but before he could express his contempt for Crabannan's question they were approached by a figure who's height could only be expressed as lacking.

The short man announced himself, talking through his massive beard, as Nain. Erbrand didn't know what he meant by referring to far off places and of King Eomer. It took a moment for the information to register in his head before he realized that this wasn't a short man, it was a Dwarf! Erbrand's mouth dropped in amazement, a legend of folklore and myth was standing in front of him.

After a moment of awkward silence the dwarf asked who they were, prompting Erbrand to grab ahold of his senses.

"Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Erbrand," he extended his hand to the dwarf who firmly shook it, "I have heard the kitchen ladies talk of you, Nain," he paused, glancing over Crabannan, he feared that he had just strengthened the brawlers notion of him and Kara. "Your skills will be of much use here, Nain. I've heard the dwarves are amazing craftsmen when it comes to building things."

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