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Originally Posted by Kath View Post
Leodern is being looked after by whoever she's around. Me or Ginna if she's in the kitchen, Folwren if she's tailing Javan etc. At the moment I've no idea where she is so she can be in the kitchen if it's easier.
Leodern is in the kitchen - Modtryth sent her to follow Javan there and being a good girl, she probably did so and after that, Frodides and Kara have probably been keeping an eye on her and maybe giving her some little chores. (At least Modtryth the semi-official nanny is definitely not looking after her at the moment, nor is she with her brother and Cnebba.)

Originally Posted by Lhuna
Lommy, you crazy girl. That post was hilarious. Poor Javan.
Thank you - but it is not actually me who's crazy here, but Folwren: she's the one who got the idea that they should start a proper fight.

Groin, Celuien is the writer for Garstan, but she is busy with real life issues for nigh unto a year so far, I believe, and so there is no-one writing her character, who is a "shone shaper" or mason by trade (we don't use the term mason as it is not Middle Earthy enough). So Garstan continues to be a character we LIKE to keep in the rpg because we all like Celuien and would love to have her back, and she hasn't closed the door on that either. So we use her character as it suits us (reasonably).
And I could add that while everyone is welcome to write for him, he has mostly been written for by Nogrod and LMP this far.

Originally Posted by Gwath
I've written an introductory post for Crabannan, so he is coming today, probably before lunchtime in Scarburg. He is wandering west-ish and comes upon Scarburg by accident. He plans to stop through for a day or two before moving on. We'll have to construct something to keep him around for longer.
It was great, I think. (Sadly, I too am plagued by the not spreading enough syndrome...)

Originally Posted by Lhuna
I was wondering if maybe Léođern could get bored in the kitchen and wander out and catch the Orc and droogies fighting? Will she be allowed to walk that far on her own, if it's far at all? If it's suitable, I can volunteer to let the little girl walk in on the boys.
If you can make something funny out of it, go on. I think she could just slip away when Frodides and Kara are not watching, or she could catch the boys fighting when being on some errand given her by Frodides or Kara...
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