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Originally Posted by Belegorn View Post
If you choose to assume the Balrog and his band of Orcs are a greater threat than Saruman and his armies who're looking for the Ring.
The Balrog was the deadliest of the elf banes, save Sauron himself, as Legolas put it. So in this context, Gandalf would not have wished an encounter with a deadlier Maiar such as the Balrog of Morgoth than Saruman or the Witch King. The Company were also beset with other dangers, such as trolls, uruks, Gollum, and the uncertain dark path through the maze of Moria that may have had a dead end to trap them. Wolves or no wolves, Moria was not a safer option.

I cannot imagine Elrond supporting the road through Moria either. I seem to imagine him saying something like, ''I do not call this good counsel. Moria is a dark and unknown quantity to us, and we have no certainty that there is a way out of that accursed realm''. Sounds similar to what Aragorn said. If I was just an ordinary man or hobbit, I would not have followed Gandalf into Moria.

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