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Originally Posted by Moonraker View Post
Were Gandalf and Boromir not on good terms previously? No real fondness, but they certainly were on the same side. Yet his desire for the Ring made friendship second nature.
I don't recall there being any ill-will between them. I got the impression, at least if I were in the Company's shoes, that Boromir would be one of those guys who said things that could rub you the wrong way but in no way meant to demean one. Boromir was one of most anybody who would look to use the Ring to do good but in the end it would turn to evil. He saw the Ring as a means to help Gondor, a weapon to use against the enemy. I do not think his intentions were bad. Just as it appears was the case with Saruman. Even though he tried to take the Ring by force in the end he was still on the side of the free people. I think it just ate at him that Frodo taking the Ring to Mordor rather than using it to destroy Sauron was like handing him a gift. I could see how he would have misgivings about Frodo taking the Enemy's weapon back to the Enemy to destroy it.
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