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Then there are hobbit-days.
LOL---I have Hobbit days most every day! A few Elvish ones....when a Man friend and I go take our twice-yearly trip to Armstrong nat'l park....but...I am too much like the Hobbit I named myself for than an Elf....I look for Elves in those trees as opposed to imagining being one....

As for costume, well, I have a lovely purple cloak an Elven maiden I know made me, plus a dress made me by a Hobbit lass....and I can't forget the Elven Brooch made for me by the afore mentioned Elven maiden....and of course, what Hobbit outfit is complete without a decent blade; my STING !

Went to the DMV today to get a new ID.....ANY picture taken in my Hobbit attire will be better that the one taken at the DMV today I'm SURE !

Me: "'Elves! Elves, Mr. Frodo! Can't we go and see them?' Sorry, it's the setting."
My friend Mike: Hey, if you see an Elf, I want to know."
~Me and an over-sized Leprechaun I know having a conversation in Armstrong Woods.
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