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Originally Posted by Legate
That might have been part of it; personally, I would also imagine the Wolves might have simply thought she looks innocent enough in this game. Because I think that's what several people agreed on.
I agree. I don't think anyone suspected her, which is rather rare in itself. Also, she gave Inzil his second vote which was bound to make her an unlikely lynch the following Day.

Originally Posted by Legate
For that matter. I am still somewhat concerned about Lommy - she could have also killed Agan because Agan looked innocent this game and she would think it was not such a good idea to keep her around as a generally considered innocent Agan would be no good for the WWs.
I'm not following your argument here. How does "a generally considered innocent Agan" being no good for the WWs incriminate Lommy in particular?

Originally Posted by Legate
Speaking of that, Eomer himself also seems sorta fishy to me. His vote yesterDay especially looked like a kind of sidestep. Imagine: if he and Inzil are packmates, then what he could have done at that point was either vote to save Zil, or cast a vote for someone else, which is what he did. But on second thought, there wouldn't be that much for him to lose if he actually had voted to save Zil. I mean, we wouldn't know he was a Wolf. Of course, unless somebody still voted and swung the vote. For which, in fact, looking at the timestamps, there was basically two hours time. Fair enough. Keeping an eye on Eomer, in any case.
Thing is, Eomer couldn't have saved Zil. At that point, Zil had three votes and Legate had two, so the most Eomerwolf could have achieved by way of rescuing Zil would have been a draw which, barring later votes, would have resulted in a coin flip. So if Eomer is a wolf, voting for someone completely unrelated to the whole Inzil issue was pretty much the smartest thing he could do.

EDIT: x-ed with Eomer
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