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This is Bilbo to Thorin in Inside Information outlining what they should do now that Bilbo has stolen the great two-handled cup from Smaug's hoard and and the dragon has chased them back into the tunnel:

'Well, if you really want my advice, I should say we can do nothing but stay where we are. By day we can no doubt creep out safely enough to take the air. Perhaps before long one or two could be chosen to go back to the store by the river and replenish our supplies. But in the meanwhile everyone ought to be well inside the tunnel by night.

'Now I will make you an offer. I have got my ring and will creep down this very noon - then, if ever, Smaug ought to be napping - and see what he is up to. Perhaps something will turn up. "Every worm has his weak spot," as my father used to say, though I am sure it was not from personal experience.'
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