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Next day sounds good.... but then we could just post on this thread. The guests could either make their own comments, or else just stuff themselves with lembas (can you tell I'm inviting Merry and Pippin? All of my imaginary friends will be there, in fact. All eleven of them. I know, only eleven, well, no, twelve, actually. I'll get more sooner or later. Did anyone read eleven as elven and have to re-read it figure out what I said?). Now, one thing we could do to kelebrate: Do the Wave for Boromir the Disco King! Wave kings at Boromir the Disco Squid! We should have weird disco parties with the LOTR Soundtracks or something! (Ignore me as well, if you would be so kind). And one more thing: We should get the BW to put it on the calendar. You know, the little thing at the top of the homepage that has any notable events that occured today.

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