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Well, I ran a Google search for "Golden Ring Marathon", and it only yields four results! Which is weird. Why does it only show TORN and this thread if you all siad that you had posted it only other Tolkien fora? Indeed strange.

Arwen and Morgul Queen, it sounds like you two know each other. Even though you don't know me as well, can Neal go to the premiere, too? He'd love to accompany you, and he'd only cause minimal trouble (read: be rather annoying unless you think he's funny, be sarcastic all the time, perhaps get rather annoyed if any major changes have been made, and maybe even lecture your friends (I assume that mini-balrogs are very easy to engage in a fight with)). In short, he'd be the perfect companion!

Now back on-topic: Do you think we should try to publicize it now, or should we work out the details and figure out exactly what we want to do, perhaps wait for word to get to PJ, and then adveritze it? It might be a rather premature suggestion, but if we got sophisticated enough in our planning, we might even be able to make a geocities website for it or something.
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