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Frodo went to Mordor and brought back Aeglos, Belthronding, a Cavetroll, a Dunadan, Elessar, a Fell beast, a Giant, Maedhros's hand, Ithildin, jibbet, King Theoden, Lobelia, a midge, Narsil, the One Ring, Pipe-weed, Quickbeam, Radagast, the Silmarilli, Turin, Ulumuri, Vaire, a White Tree, the Yellowskin, a chunk of Zirakzigil, the Arkenstone, Black Rider, Celeborn, a dragon, Ea, Feanor, Galadriel, and hurin (UT)

um how do you do that dot thing over vowels?...accents thats the wqord im looking for
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