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Sting A Challenge - To those who do not know we have arisen from the ashes...

On the bar at the top of this page is a link called "Members list." I am not sure how many people peruse this list. I do at times. As Dumbledore (can we utter that name on this site?) would say "forgive me for my mawkishness" because I have, at times, looked for reminders of friends long ( and in some cases very long) gone as I do not want to forget their contributions here.

Anyway. if you click on Members List, you will find that each alphabetical list can be sorted by last visit. If you go through the alphabet, you will find perhaps a hundred members that visited in December, 2014 and January, 2015 before Morgoth's minions visited this site and succeeded in temporarily shutting it down. These people have not visited since and I suspect many do not know the boards have been resurrected (slain again? Re-died? Damn, still don't know what to call it).

My challenge is this. I do not know most of these people. Some have posted hundreds of times. Some have titles. Some are newcomers. People here must know many of them, at least virtually.

INVITE THEM BACK!!!!! Let them know the Downs is awake again.
That which once was shall be again!
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