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Shield North of the Limlight, Dec. 15: Mellon-Amroth

Ędegard, Bella, Argeleafa, and Liornung gathered around the fire on the side away from the boy, and made room for him. Liornung stood, morsel in hand, and beckoned to the boy.

The wild boy sat shivering, eyeing the food; but he did not move.

"Dont' waste your time, " said Ędegard.

Liornung smiled at Bella. "Well, if he acts like a wild animal, perhaps he can be tamed like one?" He approached the wild boy, who started, jumped up, and stood over Amroth. Liornung halted, showed him the food, and slowly put it down on the sweet grass. Then he backed away, and sat down by the fire. He pretended to take no notice as the boy inched forward towards the food.

When the morsels were gone, and the boy was once again guarding Amroth, Liornung took another handful of food, and walked sideways toward the boy, leaving the food a little closer to the fire this time. Again they pretended not to watch him. Liornung doled out handful after handful of food, despite Ędegard's protests, and each handful was left closer to the fire. Finally he came within ten feet of the group, but would come no further.

"Well, " said Liornung, "After that fine meal, Bella and Argaleafa, I think I shall rest. But this fire isn't in quite the right place; rather, I prefer to sleep over there." And he pointed to a place not twenty feet off.

The rest exchanged glances, but Liornung marched off and gathered another armful of firewood. They studied him, baffled, but at Ędegard's disgruntled shrug, he and the ladies joined in the search for firewood. Liornung started the new fire, cared for his horses, arranged his bed and lay down with his head on his belongings. The rest gathered around the new fire, Ędegard still glaring at the wild boy.

"Let him rest! Leave him alone!" snapped Ędegard, placing his hand on the pommel of his weapon. Liornung laid his hand on Ędegard's arm. The rest looked up; the boy replied with a stream of harsh words as he dragged Amroth towards the old fire. Echo and the boy's horse were brought closer, and the boy settled down around his fire. They tossed some wood near him, and he added it to the fire.

Ędegard let go of the pommel. "I will take the first watch," he growled.

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