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Song of Seregon
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Lothlorien: Dec 16

Taitheneb curiously studied the face of the young mortal, yet when he searched his thoughts an elven mind greeted him. As the second boy joined them, the elf searched him and found anxiety covered by pure exhaustion. “Nimrodel, she is north of here, but I am afraid she was soiled by a band of Yrch during the evening hours. She has yet to be cleansed.”

An expression of panic crossed the young man’s face. “What do you mean, soiled? How is she? Is she hurt? You must take me to her immediately.” Please lead me to her. I have searched long.

Taitheneb nodded, “I will lead you to Silmaethor Erebemlin. He will be more able to assist you better than I.” With that, the elf turned back for the forest allowing the two remarkable boys to follow. “You need rest as do your steeds. Erebemlin will see to it that you are fed and made comfortable, I am sure.”

“I do not need rest, only Nimrodel.”

Taitheneb turned over his shoulder and gazed momentarily at the elven boy. He had yet to see one so enamored with a river.

Soon the great mellyrn loomed overhead and the trio passed under until finally Taitheneb halted and asked them to stay until he returned. The elf, then, hurriedly scaled the nearest tree.

The boys watched him depart. One was visibly anxious, while the other leaned against the base of the tree resting. Moments later a ladder was thrown down and Taitheneb called for them to ascend.

Erebemlin had his back to the ladder when the boys arrived on his talan, but before he could turn to greet them, one of them touched his thoughts. Tell me you know where Nimrodel is waiting. It was he. Erebemlin turned slowly to meet the one he had so desired to find. The Sinda was surprised to see the young faces of both the boys. The elder of the two stepped forward and looked up to met Erebemlin’s gaze. Erebemlin, many days have passed since our last meeting. Tell me of Nimrodel. Where does she wait?

The Sinda stood motionless as though he was made of stone. This boy was so familiar…his thoughts did not match his mortal body.

Do you not recognize me? It is I, Amroth…your King.

Erebemlin became overwhelmed with emotion and confusion. Yes, this was Amroth, but how? His King sailed West many years ago…how could this be? Before Erebemlin understood completely, he fell to his knees before his King. “Lord Amroth,” he muttered. “I am forever in your service.”

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