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Originally Posted by narfforc View Post
Apart from Peter Jacksons ''Mistakes'' in the film I found the rest quite ok. Tolkien wrote the books to be as real as history could be, throwing in a bit of real world mythology, so more ''FANTASY'' would to me have ruined it, putting it with the rest of the weak fantasy films we already have.
Yes it's supposed to be a history...But a history taking place in an Earth far, far removed from our own time, basically forgotten in history...A much more magical time, when wonder still reigned; Basically, a time of MYTHOLOGY. When the unbelievable was not only fully believable, but still dwelt alongside men. An age where creatures like Barrow-Wights and Ringwraiths and Great Eagles and the like existed; A time where races like Elves, Dwarves,, Trolls, Orcs, Ents and Hobbits and (lesser) Valar still walked the Earth; A time where Man shared the Earth with strange beings like Tom Bombadil and Beorn. It shouldn't be totally out of this world fantastic, but it also shouldn't be Braveheart-esque, which is where it goes in the TT and ROTK in some parts.
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