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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
Ah! Okay! Well I've been thinking about it and basically everything as you said seemed obvious, but honestly, the "five" basically scratched it for me... age difference, never occured to me... that really was a good one, G55!
Thank you! It's an even greater compliment coming from a master of riddles as you are.

I think I started becoming a bit rusty... I should post here more
No to the first, yes!!! to the second

I can't think of anything that really fits more than one stanza, and for the life of me I can't keep all of them constant throughout the riddle. Or match all three...

I'm leaning more in the direction of Frodo (He), Gollum (twin), and something Shire-related, even though none are namesakes. Here are some points I based this guess upon:

Some have seen my twin at night, - from Moria all the way to Eryn Muil Frodo saw his eyes
treacherous as he be, - o yess, my preciouss

as my twin, from Him he hid, - his as soon as Frodo turned to look at him
before he turned tame. - before he promised to help

When He returned from His quest - Frodo returned home
I've been long in chain, - under Sharkey's rule. Could be a reference to the Lockholes, or to the chain that blocked the way to the Green Dragon (IIRC)
foes at my door, - Ruffians
He can't rest - sadly he cannot, and in the end he leaves to the West
Ainu is my bane. - Saruman
What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?
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