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There had been no rest for the clan that night. Rg had risen before first light, wanting to make his way to the small rise of sandstone rock that stood to the east of the camp. Miri had showed him this place earlier in his stay; it was where the little lizards she liked crawled in and out of the crevices and chased after the dark beetles that skittered away at their approach.

His guard had risen from his place before the tent door when hed first peeked his head out. The mans eyes were bloodshot, rimmed in red from his rubbing of them, and the tracks of tears on his dusty cheeks were still evident despite his attempts to hold them back. Rg knelt down, his hand on the younger mans forearm.

Do not trouble yourself about me today, little brother. There will be no thought of escape or any ill-doing by me. He cocked his head at the low keening from one of the nearby tents. This is the day the water is set at the tents door. And there will be need of hands to make the bier. Your family will want you with them when the meldakhar is placed for her final resting. The man looked up at him, duty and want warring on his features. Go to your family, my friend. There will be no trouble from this tent. He smiled gently at the young man and stood up, offering him a hand as he did so. I cannot go with you, he said again softly. That would not seem proper. Take your leave for the day and come back late this night to check on me, if you wish. Face the west as the flames reach up and wish her spirit to soar up on them. I will remain close by camp and out of the way over on those rocks just to the east.

Saying good-bye in my own way . . . he added silently to himself, as the weary man nodded gratefully at him and made his way to his familys tent.

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