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It's very easy to make allegory (as I/we probably shouldn't) between the Fall of D. and JRRTs resentment of Bureauchracy (sorry about my spelling) and Civil Servants that tries to pick up power that does not belong to them.

The case on D - can however perfectly be explained by what JRRT wrote in his books and his letters. Where JRRT explains that Thorongils part and influence on D's youth - and the lack of respect that he probably deserved as being the heir of the ruling steward.
Denethor was both intellegent and wise - the picture we see in LoTR he is allways compared to either Gandalf and Aragorn, and earlier Thorongil/Aragorn. Denethors problem was that he was ruling Steward in the most troublesome years of Gondors history - in a time of decay - the only real victory Gondor had, on a larger scale was credited Thorongil. Of course he was jealous.
Later when his own sons were born, he saw in the older the fighter and warrion, a leader of men. He of course had great love for both his sons - but his hopes was in Boromir - his heir - and as he vainly hoped the person that could regain some of the pride to the house of Stewards.

All combined - love and fustration - hope and fear pride and jealousy - let him to look in the palantir.

I don't know - hmmmm
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