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A plot point that I intended to make more clear in my last post, but which came out weakly if at all, is the idea that Sauerkraut is no longer in league with Mogul, but is in fact trying to accumulate the pieces of the Entish Bow for himself. Which is why Gateskeeper is assisting in the disconnection.

While Mogul is busy putting up billboards and other low-tech advertising, Sauerkraut is attempting to undermine the old ways of advertising by using the power of The Net. Hence the stage-ad for Dorka-Cola (from Dorktank) as opposed to the Pukel-Cola on the billboards.

Taking the Great Thighs will be quite a disaster for Sauerkraut, as they are the main cell-antir tower for his competing Net-work in Soreham. Expect him to be less than pleased.

I will make some minor adjustments to bring this plot point out in the next day or so.
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