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About XX-YY-ZZ: I hope I will be able to follow that system when I am inside the projected text from the begining. It is good to have it explained again in full. I think what should be avioded is the mixing of YY as we did in FG. Bye, bye Balrogs, Mechanical Monsters and the sections all got their own YY with completly unconected numbers.

To signify the HoME volumes by a roman number is simple but very abstract. In the end I agree to the idea of a master list. But I think anybody how prepares a bigger part of the text for discussion should as help for the readers not familiar with the project includ at least a link to the list, or beter a list of the used abbreviations.

Since underlining is possible we have landed by the original system. If nobody has any objection against it, I we should use the vertical stroke "|" to separate the source information from the text, especially since the roman numerlas would other wise be very confusing.

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