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If you watch the structure of the Appendix C of my version. You can see my proposal. In this case I didn't take anything from that Lammas of The Lost Road, but with the Lambion Ontale (edited) from PE18, the texts of Q&E, The names of the descendants of Finwë, Dangweth pengolodh, and Ósanwe- centa from VT39, I composed a text very say "Lammasic".

Appendix C
Of Tongues.
Herein are several extracts and comments mostly from The Lammas or Account of Tongues
-Lambion Ontale. The Descent of Tongues
-The division of Tongues
-Of the speech of Dwarves
-Of the Atani and their tongues
-Essecenta Eldarinwa. Enquiry into the origins of Elvish names. (extracts)
-Meanings and use of the various terms applied to the Elves.
-The Clan-names
-The names of the descendants of Finwë
-Elvish names for Men
-Elvish names for the Dwarves
-Elvish names for the Orcs
-Kwen, Quenya and the Elvish(specially Noldorin) words for "Language"
-Note on the "Language of the Valar"
-Dangweth pengolodh
-Ósanwe-centa. Enquiry into the Communication of Thought. (résumé of Pengolodh's discussion)

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