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Originally Posted by littlemanpoet View Post
Just a note: my character, Eodwine, is named so in order to match Tolkien's chosen dialect of Anglo-Saxon, that of Mercia, which is the Norman term for 'the Mark'. So just as Eomer, so Eodwine. Which would change the above list, were we to follow the dialect, to:

1. Eothelward
2. Lithor
3. Wilcred
4. Eosmund
5. Eolfhere
6. Eolfric
7. Eolfred
8. Redwald

Do you want to go for these more Eorling dialectal versions, or stick to the original suggestions? Or a mix?
I was going to say, that the names I gave, Redwald, would actually be Rdwald (Reodwald?) and lfred.

And maybe, we could say that people from different Emnets had different Anglo-Saxon dialects, but that might be pushing it. I'm not an expert on how Tolkien wanted the Rohirrim (Eorlings?) to speak Englisc.
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