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Aylwen, quite a lovely song! Did you write it or adapt it? If the latter, where can I find the original words? It's taken my fancy, I must admit, and I've never heard it before.

Helen, as for tunes I have quite a few tunes for Liornung's song, yet the problem is that they're songs that he hasn't yet sung in either Friends of Nimrodel or at the White Horse. I'm putting together a book of his tunes with lyrics and I'm working on jpg files that will have the tunes though it is very basic and you won't be able to find 4/4 measures or 3/4 measures specified or the like. I'll probably put up a website if you really are interested that will have those lyrics and the tuen jpg images. I do have a tune worked out for the Fair Maid of Gondor song he just recently performed for the company, but I can only give it to you the way I scribbled it down, which are a series of C's and D's and E's and so on and so forth up to B's. Here it is now, and I'll let you know that capitals represents a note in the higher octave. I'll kill myself today over making the jpg images, however.

Naturally the song is sung/played quickly and merrily. The tune is the same throughout the whole song, save the final chorus but I don't have my notebook with me and it's slipped my mind.

c a g f d c c c d c d e f
Come all you lads and lassies and listen for awhile.

c a g f d c c c c d c d e f
I'll sing to you a verse or two and try to make you smile.

c C C C a C C C a g f a D C
But if instead you weep with grief, do not be ashamed

C a a a g f c c c - d c d e f
for others who have heard this song wept, more than can be named.

c c c c C - a a g f
Fal-la-do-la-do, fal-al-the-day.

I really will work on those jpg images today so it can be seen which notes go with which words!

As for wav files, this computer I'm currently working on doesn't have a mic but I do believe another one does and I could transfer the files to different computers. I wouldn't mind playing the tin whistle and putting it on the wav file and I suppose I could sing but it's rather likely a fit of shyness will take me and I'll hesitate. I suppose I could attempt to play the tin whistle and then sing and put the two together...... I'll PM you about it, though, and let you know what I can manage!
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