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Imladris has just left Hobbiton.

I posted for Aeron and Gwyllion, and I do hope my post wasn't too terribly confusing...

I took the liberty of hastening it to the morning, but after I posted the post I realized that I probably shouldn't have done that because of this confusing time travel thing. If I have done wrong, let me know.

However, I do hope that you will forgive the numerous "Bad Forms" references that I borrowed from Peter Pan, and the highly used (probably over used) stunt of using a burning blade from PotC....but I couldn't resist, Mate.

I wondered if I should use the Bad Form because it is Peter Pan...but then I didn't think it sounded too modern for LotR. But I am just an amateur so please correct me if I was mistaken and I will gladly edit to something else.

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