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Tolkien Wanderers' origins in Middle Earth

I suggest that these wanderers not be exiled Rohirrim. It would be more likely for them to be a group of Easterlings from somewhere between the Rhun and the Ered Lithui (or farther east). With that origin, you could feed in a Hungarian style culture for them (you were right, Helen ), and make them as gypsy as you like. They would have had to pass between Rhovanion and the Brown Lands, crossed the Anduin by whatever ingenuity they could fashion, such as building temporary rafts from stray logs to ferry their carriages (or whatever you want to call them), then move on westward between Lorien and the Limlight. They surely see the mountains rising before them, and would probably be wondering whether to settle and become farmers, or continue to move on and see who they could trade with, or whatever. What did gypsies do to survive, anyway? Sell? Hunt? I don't know.....
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