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Tolkien Strong feelings? Me? :eek:

Thanks for asking about it. My only concern regarding the Rohirrim is that Anglo-Saxon people (circa 400 to 1000) who wandered were pretty much limited to clerics, pilgrims, and beggars; and it was indeed true that some people fit all three categories at once. They tended not to have generational histories, which is what you're intending for your wanderers. I say that only because the Anglo-Saxons are Tolkien's template for the Rohirrim.

That said, it must be noted that the Rohirrim have been in Rohan (formerly Calenardhon) since Third Age 2510, which, if we are in, say, the first decade of the Fourth Age, just over 500 years. That's a pretty long-lived civilization. Still, Rohan has been ravaged by war. I find it striking that by and large, the breadth of Rohan is pretty much unpeopled. That's a lot of wandering room. Over that span of time, I can imagine a clan having, for one reason or another, picked up roots, and decided to become Wayfarers.

But whatever got them uprooted would have to be quite powerful, to change their way of life. So give them a powerful reason to have uprooted themselves from their cultural base, as compared to all the other Rohirrim who have remained rooted. It seems like a tall order to me, but doable. If you'd like some help with it, I'd be happy to. You'll notice that I bolded Wayfarers. That would be the Anglo-Saxon name that is most fitting. Use if it you like.

Hope that helps to both clarify my (mild) opposition to the idea in the first place, as well as ways to account for it.
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