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THis morning I thought of another possibility which (to me) has a certain appeal. Since we are in year 12 or 14 or so of Elessar's reign, he has pardoned the Easterlings and made treaties with them. It is probable that Rohan is now at peace with the Wainriders of Southern Mirkwood. They could be there by treaty. So they could also be called "Wainriders".

What think ye?

NURU: we cross-posted, whups. "Wayfarers" is indeed a romantic name. In terms of how long you want to carry the characters-- that's up to you, you invented them! Well, it's partly also up to the plot, if you know what I mean, but If you want the gy-- er-- Wayfarers to be temporary they're your characters. On the other hand, if another writer falls in love (in a writerly manner o' speakin') with one of your gy-- er-- Wayfarers then they can nicely ask you for permission to carry that character themselves and it will be between you and said writer.

Once in a while minor characters tag along, carried by the team as a whole, for large parts of the story, and that's okay too.

Working this stuff out is half the fun, eh?
...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.

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