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Originally Posted by Folwren
LMP: Does the horse fair have any affect on us people here at the Mead Hall? Thornden will likely have little interest in the horse fair, because he doesn't work with horses, and he's not a little girl like me who would like to go to simply admire the beautiful horses. Can he get permission from Eodwine to go visit his sister? She lives a few miles outside Edoras on a large farm and he hasn't gone to visit her and her new son yet. . .

Besides that, I need an excuse to get Thornden outside of the Mead Hall so that he can find Tara's character.

What do you think?
Good ideas. Let's add to it that Eodwine finds himself in sudden need of coin with which to pay for the demolition that is now required from the fallen wall, as well as to pay his workers and feed and room and stable everybody. So go ahead and write Eodwine commissioning Thornden to go into the Middle Emnet in his almbudsman role to drum up some coin. On his way he can visit his sister and find Tara's character. Sound good?

Lal, I think I goofed by not having Eodwine interact with Larswic at all on the first Day. We need to have that rectified somehow. And here is it three Days later already. I have an idea that Eodwine chooses to interact with Larswic and the two boys on a purely circumstantial and light level for these early Days, during which time they observe him and he observes them, sort of a "walking around the battlefield" before engaging, as it were. Not that a battle needs to take place, but I'm imagining a wariness each toward the other. What think you?
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