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Folwren, Thornden can do whatever you want him to do. There are always consequences for actions, but they can be headed off. For example, if you want Thornden to stick around, have him do it, and have him put together a set of reasons why he needs to stay around, armed with which he goes to Eodwine and gives the Eorl his speal.

Originally Posted by Anguirel
Well, I'm hoping you'll allow Manawyth a fair defence. Maybe a boring old trial by a jury picked by the Eorl, maybe an ordeal by fire or ordeal by combat...
The way Anglo-Saxon law worked was by witness. The highest rank witness always won the case. Plain and simple. So if a freeholder brings an accusation against Manawyth, and Eodwine, an Eorl, speaks in Manawyth's defense, Manawyth is considered innocent. If Eodwine speaks his guilt, he's considered guilty. If Eodwine chooses not to speak, then Manawyth's fate is in the hands of the highest ranking person he can find to lend support to his case. That's how Anglo-Saxon law worked. Scary, eh? Now, here in semi-enlightened Rohan, things may fun not quite so deterministically.

Originally Posted by Folwren
If somebody recognizes Manawyth's horse as their own, who's not to jump to horse thieving? Anquirel said in his first post that that horse didn't belong to him!
But of course. But it's not the only thing one may think. However, it is the most likely.

Celuien, yes on the stove. Please!

Oh! One more thing. Firefoot, I'm choosing not to post right now as all I have in mind is Eodwine's answer to Lof's query, which is that if el requests it, he is to ride to Meduseld and ask for the aid of the Healer (who as a nonplayer character is beginning to gain a rather substantial "non"-role, and ought to have a name ... .any ideas?)

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