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Hey Nog! No, not a slacker...this game has not really demanded attention for a while now. Btw, I apologize to all for the obnoxious PMs, but I just wanted to make sure of where we stood.

I talked to Pio, and she suggested we close it up around the end of May (basically I asked her if she wanted to set a date, as I wanted to, so there it is ). Anyone who wants to do some sort of wrap up post should try to by then - if you don't get one done by then though I am sure Pio could insert it at the end cause she's so nice and endlessly patient!

She also said that she and Undome have talked and are going to leave their characters where they are and not fill in their saves, so don't worry about waiting on them.

I might do an overall wrap up post if it seems necessary (though anyone else can certainly feel free to do so if they'd like), but I don't know if it will be.
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