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Hey! Has anyone a spare map of Moria around? *looks around, sees none* I thought so. Anyways...

After pondering about this for a while, I've got a few questions to ask...

~Did they make a last stand at Hollin gate?

I know it looks impossible, but...

The Watcher in the Water took Oin. We cannot get out. The end comes...
It looks like they were trapped in the West Gate, but how did the book get to Mazarbul? Am I contradicting myself here?

~Two colonies?

Yes, we have the main colony at Mazarbul, but...

Oin to seek for the upper armouries of Third Deep...go Hollin
Ever since I've read and reread and re(to the nth power)read this part, a thought danced in my mind. Logically, there would be two headquarters/colonies. One at the East(Mazarbul) and at the West(somewhere near the West Gate). If it does exist, Oin must be its leader...but I've no concrete evidence of it. Feel free to bash it.

By the way, about the Balrog leading the assault thing, I see him playing the role not unlike the Witch-king's during the assault on Gondor. He lies behind, driving his forces mad, and bringing fear to the enemies. He will only fight personally when a superior enemy comes(Gandalf in both cases)

That's all for now!

Yours, if you want to
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