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Tolkien Ędegard

Ędegard enjoyed Bellyn's song. It put him in mind of how they had passed the days across Rohan. He wished for that again, but there was much else to think about. He brought his mount over to Liornung.

"Where do you think Amroth leads us? More to the point, what do you think of having such a leader for this group?"

"An odd question, my friend!" Liornung replied. "I had gotten used to thinking of you as our leader!"

"Me!" Ędegard's eyes went wide. He kept his voice down. "I have marked that you have been silent, waiting for me to speak, but I am no leader! Much less with the Elves in our company!"

"You may be right! If you are not the leader of our group, maybe you have time to spare for a small difficulty I have been thinking about lately."

"What is that?"

"When this quest is finished, Argeleafa will have no home to return to, unless she is to rejoin the wayfarers, and she does not want that, I am thinking."

Ędegard glanced at Argeleafa, the Rohirric maiden. She was older than he in years, but maybe not in life's trials. She was fair to look upon, too.

"I will think on this, friend Liornung. It will do me good to have something else besides Amroth to think of all the day."
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