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"Thank you, good friend," Liornung said, sighing with relief. "You ease my mind greatly. Perhaps we can come up with some solution together." He was at peace once again. True, the difficulty was still there. Ędegard had said he would think on it. He had not given an answer. Yet hope was rekindled and it seemed more than likely an answer would arise. He felt a song rising up at him and, smiling in a carefree way, opened his mouth and let the words tumble forth as a river goes over a brink as a waterfall of sweet music.

Little bird upon your tree
singing so soft and sweet
why do you gaze so odd at me
whenever we two meet?
I admit I look a sight;
dirty and weary is my plight
and stranger still in day's light.
Little bird upon your tree
I beg you stop looking so at me!

Little bird upon your tree
I hear your voice has ceased.
The way you now stare at me
I must be a hungry beast!
Though my face is tired and worn,
my back bent with heavy trials born
and by many men scorned,
oh little bird upon your tree
don't you think better of me?

Little bird upon your tree
now I see you fly away.
So scared you were by sight of me
you could no longer stay.
Now I raise my weary eyes
to gaze upon the cloudless skies
and hope to one day claim as my prize,
little bird upon your tree,
your friendly look bestowed on me.

He finished his song and looked to Ędegard, his eyes twinkling merrily. "Remember our little game?" he questioned. "Perhaps you would care to take your turn!"
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