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Silmaril Raefindan

Her name is Mithrellas, and she seeks for her Mistress, who has become lost in the highlands beneath the White Mountains. Mithrellas has been separated from her companions by evil fate brought upon them by dissonant song falling upon their ears from whence she knows not. She names him he who has saved her life.

A day comes when she is back to full health, save that which only joy can bring to her kind, and she asks him to help her find her Mistress. He gives her a white mare to ride, and he rides his black stallion, and they scour the hills and vales side by side for days into weeks, finding nothing. She names him friend.

At last, winter threatens to surround them, and they return to his home. He is unable to relieve her sorrow, but devotes himself to her in all things. She names him heart's friend.
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