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Shield Ędegard

All the day they traveled along the Anduin. The tension did not ease. Ędegard could feel Nethador's eyes boring into his back. Bellyn seemed ill at ease too, and it took all Liornung's mirth to get a smile out of her all the day. Aregeleafa rode alongside Bellyn and kept to herself. She had not said a single word since Ędegard's song the night before. Perhaps he had been wrong to speak so. Or, perhaps it had been the wisest thing to do, for it seemed to show quickly that the future did not hold such a fix to Aregeleafa's problem as he had had in mind. Maybe he was hasty to cast aside such a hope. He did not know her well, and maybe she needed time to think. He warred with himself much of the day whether to say a friendly word to her, or to leave her to herself.

He left her to herself.

They camped the next night at the mouth of the Limlight. The water still bore no ice, but it was cold, and quiet. With water on three sides, Ędegard wondered what way was next.
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