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Twilight, Dec. 20: nearing the Entwash Delta

Mellonin paced alongside Gond, stroking Raefindan's hair and listening to him murmur. Ravion had picked up the pace yet again, and Gwyllion and Mellonin marched with set jaw ignoring various aches and pains. Mellonin hoped that they would reach the delta soon.

She reviewed Ravion's plan. Seven streams fed the Anduin. The path swung westward to avoid the marshes and swamps. The first stream was not far. She wondered what "not far" meant.

Gwyllion stroked Raefindan's hair. "Listen. He's singing again."

The tide and the moon. Mellonin wanted to learn the song.

No, she didn't.

She bit back tears, and her eyes strayed to the Ranger's back. He was so calm. He handled Aeron well. He was determined to find her brother. And he could be gentle as well as fierce.

"Will he be all right." She regretted saying it. She regretted it even more when the look Ravion turned on her was full of concern. She looked down, but he had seen the tears in her eyes. Inwardly she cursed her clumsiness even as the tears began to roll. She turned her head away.

The strange redhaired man who named dogs Jorje and asked who the king was and did not know how to do simple work-- in just a short time he had become important to her, and now he was, so it would seem, on the brink of death.

You must not die. You must live. Wake up, and let the fever break. Wake up, redhaired man. Wake up, Raefindan, my friend.

She turned her face to the ground, and hoped that no one noticed her tears.

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