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Tears of the Phoenix
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White Tree

Gwyllion saw Mellonin turn her face away, and Gwyllion sighed. Raefindan was such a jolly fellow. It would be horrid if he died. Who would tell them all about the strange words he knew?

Creeping towards the woman, Gwyllion saw a tear trickle down her cheek, glinting softly in the lingering light. Touching her shoulder, she turned grasped the end of her shirt and wiped the tears away. Smiling, she said, "Do not cry yet. Raefindan is not dead, thus your tears are early. When he dies, then you must cry. To cry now is to despair of hope, even though there is scarce any hope."

Aeron called over his shoulder, "Crying is silly anyway, whether he lives or not."

Why must he always be so...tactless? Was that any way to treat a grieving woman? No. Merely because crying had not helped him whenever he had cried -- had he ever cried? --, did not mean that crying was silly. "Do not listen to him, my lady," she whispered.

She bit her lips and glanced from the woman to the redhaired man. She remembered Mellonin saying she had been sick. What had happened that shackled her tongue? "What dreams plagued you when you were sick, Mellonin?"
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