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I think that Findegil explanation of VE-02 is ok. I have no problems with the additions from AB2.

VE-05: Since I brought it in I also find it a good solution to switch the §§.
I'm ok with the changing of the order of the parragraphs too.

. . . the addition of "then" after Idril's speech, to make the edits flow together more smoothly.
I will defer all matters of grammar to Aiwendil. If he thinks that it sounds better, then that is ok with me.

VE-10: I believe Maedhros had a possible objection to the addition from the Name-list which was never resolved.
Findegil is correct, I did accept them.

VE-08: I'm confused. Did we accidentally start calling this "VE-04" above?
We elected not to use LotR additions. Did we come to an agreement on the LT?
I thought that we had agreed to drop the LorR additions and keep those of LT. I'm ok with VE-08 as is in the post # 80.

Again, I like Aiwendil's suggestion regarding VE-11. I think now that if find that the Poem is in any way unsuitable to our purpose because it is difficult to enmend, then we should drop it.

VE-20: Did we ever come to a final decision on the MT additions? I'm still inclined against them.
If you are against it, then I can live without them.
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