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Findegil wrote:
The first is from the Sil77 and will give a better coupling between the telling of Tuors departure and Eärendil’s voyage. And it will introduce the marriage of Eärendil and Elwing and their children Elrond and Elros
I'm a little confused. Comparing this with my copy of our text, it looks like your proposed addition is the matter from 'Shibboleth' and 'Ros' (VE-07.5 and VE-07.6). The pieces from the '77 were already in our version, correct? Also, it looks like the bit about 'Tuor alone of mortal men' being numbered among the Eldar dropped out here.

In any case, I'm quite hesitant about using the 'Shibboleth' and 'Ros' material here; the etymological aside completely disrupts the narrative and is blatantly out of place. On the other hand, I do recognize the desirability of includinig that information if possible.

Note, though, that if this material (or some form of it) is added here, the "Yet" that begins VE-07.8 no longer has any reference and must be deleted.

The next proposed addition is VE-11.025, correct? I think it is a good idea to add the detail of Elrond and Elros being found in a cave behind a waterfall, but I would try to avoid the redundancy which you've already noted.

Concerning VE-11.035, I think that Tar-Telperien is right here (and welcome to the project, by the way!). The information here is good, but the bit concerning the languages spoken at Sirion is jarring and disruptive. I think Tar-Telperien's proposed revision is suitable. I don't see a particular problem with the Silmarillion material's anticipation of the content of Earendil's prayer (it is, after all, fairly obvious that he is going to ask for the pardon and aid of the Valar). However, I would delete the "And his prayers were granted" which now comes out of sequence.
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