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Silmaril Some Thoughts

Greetings again!

Having analysed the changes in the Earendil chapter, I found only 2 things I was unsure of:

The first is the use of "Valmar." In the threads I've seen, Valimar was considered the latest form of the name, as it was used in the published LotR. Should it be changed?

The second is in this reference:

Upon the havens of Sirion new woe had fallen. The dwelling of Elwing there, where still she possessed the Nauglamír and the glorious Silmaril, became known unto the remaining sons of Fëanor, {Maidros}[Maedros] and Maglor and {Damrod and Díriel}[Amrod]; and they gathered together from their wandering hunting-paths, and messages of friendship and yet stern demand they sent unto Sirion. But Elwing and the folk of Sirion would not yield that jewel which Beren had won and Lúthien had worn, and for which Dior the Fair was slain; and least of all while {Eärendel}[Eärendil]{ their lord} was in the sea, for them seemed that in that jewel lay the gift of bliss and healing that had come upon their houses and their ships.
why is "their lord" deleted in the second to last line? In all the discussion I've seen it was considered non-contradictory that Earendil was a lord of the Lothrim and Gil-Galad was the king.

Besides these two points, I found only two spelling errors: the first is in the title: it should be Orthad, not Othrad. The second is in the 5th line of the Lay: it should be Gwared, not Gwareth.

Aside from that, I am again blown away by the skillful synthesis of the text!
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