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"I can't believe he'd be trying to harm a big group like us."

"Well, of course, it IS unlikely," replied Brown. "But I've heard of hobbits going bad - turning burglar, or worse. I've even met a couple of rascally types myself. Once, when I was on the road to Long Cleeve, I was set upon by a couple of..."

His voiced trailed off as he noticed the worried looks on the girls' faces. He leaned back and tried to look nonchalant as he studied the rafters. Assuming his best careless expression and shrugging, he said, "But there was no harm done, and we're certainly in no danger. As you say, Miss Peony, we're a large group - and you mustn't forget Snatch." Here his tone changed to one of mock seriousness. "He's quite the ferocious little beast, aren't you, Snatch? Anyway, I daresay I could handle two or three rascals, should any come our way. Set 'em to the rightabouts."

He broke off, grinning and chuckling at the prospect of a good fight.
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