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Bunny was not at all satisfied with the strangers reply. His expression was startled and his face was too flush to be not falsifying something. With a dissatisfied "hum" Bunny eyed the hobbit up and down, then reached and scratched Snatch on the head and said "good boy"! Looking Rudy in the eye she signaled for him to follow her back to the table. With another puff and a bit of a snarl from Snatch Rudy motioned for him to follow them as well.

Back at the table Bunny said almost in a whisper"He cannot be trusted I fear" , with a smile still on her face. " Our surroundings we must be more aware of too. So mind your tone and volume" I think we should slightly alter our route North, so as we can find out if Mr. Micheal is indeed up to no good. Thank goodness for Snatch! I am sure he will alert us on the road if Micheal or anyone else for that matter comes near."
"Let us not linger 'ere too long. My belly is full and I feel rested enough. Is everyone else almost ready to go?"
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