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Name (that you go by): Laura

Age: 20

Occupation: library clerk, student, editor, writer, visual artist

Future Aspirations: live happily ever after in all the important ways.

Goal in life: become one with everything

Short term goals: graduate on time...

Passion: creation

Hobbies: collecting and playing with toys

Famous for (brag about yourself): role reversals.

Fave book: The Time-Traveler's Wife

Fave movie: Pan's Labyrinth

Fave sport: curling

Fave store: any book or art store

Fave music: whatever, really, seems like a good idea at the time.

What you can't stand: hypocrisy

What you plain dislike: lima beans

Who you admire: His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

What you most love to do: I like to be

Your self-confessed flaws: I have about *this* much confidence most of the time, though I’m arrogant enough in seeming to fool most people; I’m a perfectionist when it comes to myself but I don’t always give others enough credit; when I’m scared or angry I sometimes say cruel things; I forget to eat for extended periods of time; I can’t concentrate unless I’m doing yoga; I don’t always pay attention to how legal things are; I forget to take care of my own health because I’m more concerned with other people’s...

What intrigues/fascinates you: love

What scares you: love

Quotation to live by: Wheresoever you go, go with all of your heart. -Confucius


What do you want most in a friend? honesty

What do you want most in a teacher? creativity

What do you want most in an ally? A good left hook. Kidding… actually, honesty. Tell me if I’m wrong, don’t just stick blindly with me. I appreciate clear vision in those helping me. I'd never forgive myself if I accidentally led someone into a bad situation because they didn't think they could tell me I was being stupid.

What do you want most in a team-mate? communication

What do you want people to remember most about you? That whether or not I succeed, I do try.


Your favorite work you've written so far: It's called Sketches. Short story.

Your favorite character so far: Nick Whitby. Chef extraordinare, painter, solo academic with a thing for therianthropy. Has zilch idea how money functions in the real world, a twin sister, and an unrequited love for his best friend's girl, who was formerly his. Yeah... He's a sweetheart. Fun to write...

What you plan to write soon: a piece of what I'm told is creative non-fiction, a new climax for a novel that's been eating me (because I screwed up the climax), a short involving a shrink who wears tube socks under his man-sandals.

What inspires you to write: everything: the blue of the sky, the green of leaves in mid-July, babies laughing, a tall latte, the sizzle of bacon, the breeze that comes just before the cliched calm before the storm... being tired, being sad, smiling; sarcasm, cruelty, kindness; the color of pistachio pudding...

What makes your writing stall: occasional bouts of no confidence, exhaustion…

Do you get writers' block and how do you overcome it? Yes; procrastination in the form of doing a billion other things until I have nothing left to distract me from being unable to think of anything; ask for advice that I may or may not take...

Middle-Earth specific:

Your favorite ME character(s)? Fingolfin, Feanor, Eomer, Boromir, Morgoth

What do you like about them? Bravery, creative spirit, loyalty, I’m not quite sure, and pure conflict, respectively.

Your favorite moment(s) from the Trilogy? When the cock crows at sunrise and the Rohirrim appear to save Minas Tirith to the sounds of trumpets.

Your favorite plot twist(s) from the Trilogy? Eowyn/Dernhelm

Looking at your personality as it is, what race do you belong to in Middle-Earth and why? Noldo. Numenorean. One of those...

What race would you *like* to belong to in Middle-Earth and why? Elves; though they’ve experienced all of the world’s sorrows, they never fail to appreciate even the smallest of the beauties.

What place(s)would you live in Middle Earth and why? Dol Amroth… though I’ve got this thing about getting in the water, I love to be by the ocean and I suspect the sun over the water is rather amazing… I could happily live with Beorn though, and enjoy his diet.

Where would you want to visit? Why? Mount Doom; volcanoes, though they terrify me, have long held my fascination.

How would you travel? By horse: fast enough to avoid boredom on the road, slow enough to appreciate the journey.

Besides the usual camping & travel stuff, what single special item is in your knapsack and why? A beat up blue notebook with a black gel pen tucked into the spiral binding.

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