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Orual has just left Hobbiton.

Name (that you go by): Orual is good for now.

Age: 18.

Occupation: Student of theatre, assistant playwriting teacher.

Future Aspirations: A professional career in theatrical performance, ideally musical theatre; a loving family of my own.

Goal in life: I think I said this last time, but as Mark Twain said, "to live so that, when I come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry."

Short term goals: Doing well in my university's production of Godspell.

Passion: Theatre.

Hobbies: Acting, singing, playing piano and guitar, writing, dancing.

Famous for (brag about yourself): Being the last one to get the joke and making it look cute, making a 4.0 my freshman year, being the theatre major who helped all the biology majors pass Bio 101...

Fave book: I can't pick just one!

Fave movie: "A Christmas Story". Just to be old-school.

Fave sport: Olympic gymnastics.

Fave store: A local store that sells incense, crystals, and stuff, and has yoga lessons in the back.

Fave music: Showtunes, especially anything written by Stephen Sondheim.

What you can't stand: Intolerance, arrogance.

What you plain dislike: Know-it-alls.

Who you admire: My family for putting up with me, my teachers for their passion to educate me, my friends for always being there for me, and my friend Alex for all that he gave me (I miss you).

What you most love to do: Perform, and be with people that I love.

Your self-confessed flaws: Shyness, difficulty trusting people, and an inclination to frustration.

What intrigues/fascinates you: Passions--the things that really get people going.

What scares you: Losing people who are close to me.

Quotation to live by: "You can stop being anything." - Neil Gaiman


What do you want most in a friend? Trustworthiness.

What do you want most in a teacher? A real passion for teaching.

What do you want most in an ally? Loyalty.

What do you want most in a team-mate? Like Immy said, somebody who will smack me if I'm wrong and let me know!

What do you want people to remember most about you? My loyalty; that I was always a good friend and there when people needed me.


Your favorite work you've written so far: In light of recent events, a short story called "Forever" that I wrote for a creative writing course about a girl who loses her best friend to a hate crime. It's really depressing, but I love it.

Your favorite character so far: On the 'Downs? Ravion. In all my writings? Eli from "Forever".

What you plan to write soon: A play about a young Hispanic girl and her matriarchal family.

What inspires you to write: Events in my own life.

What makes your writing stall: Poor planning.

Do you get writers' block and how do you overcome it? I get writer's block all the time, and the two things that force me past it are 1) just writing and 2) last minute PANIC!

Middle-Earth specific:

Your favorite ME character(s)? Sam.

What do you like about them? He's the friend I've always wanted, and I am so blessed that I am finally finding Sams in my life now.

Your favorite moment(s) from the Trilogy? It always makes me cry when Sam has to abandon his pots in Mordor.

Your favorite plot twist(s) from the Trilogy? Wow, I can't even choose.

Looking at your personality as it is, what race do you belong to in Middle-Earth and why? I'm a Hobbit, but I like to think of myself as a Took.

What race would you *like* to belong to in Middle-Earth and why? Hobbits are fine with me!

What place(s)would you live in Middle Earth and why? The Shire, because I spent my childhood years curled up in bed hearing stories of it.

Where would you want to visit? Why? In Middle-Earth? Lorien, for its sad beauty in the dwindling of its people.
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