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Originally Posted by Pervinca Took
Only element I can find is FALAS/FALASSE (shore) or the root PHAL (foam).
Originally Posted by Pervinca Took
3. AILINEL apparently contains a word for 'lake.'
The name you're looking for is actually is in plain English - no Elvish required!

Originally Posted by Pervinca Took

I was trying to get 'rod' to fit with 'angry.'
1. ELROHIR - The rider is but half what he is named; he must go south with the company.
2. LALAITH - Twice following, so i'th'name of laughter is the fiery maid transformed.
3. L Sister to one of our own, she comes from the shore: send her back.
4. ANGROD - Enraged with the staff or wrathful and strange? Either way, two must fall before the lord in the north.
5. D Low riddling is yet above the half-wise.
6. A In water he found patience, yet fire claimed his fire in the end.
7. N A legendary maid at the window tumbles back, and the missing queen appears.
Precisely; or you can get it from angry + odd. Either way you need to lose two letters ('two must fall') to get one of the Lords of Dorthonion.

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