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Urwen has just left Hobbiton.
And here is another.

1. He is Atilla's father.
2. Initially, instant messaging and a shaving supplement reveal him.
3. A jewel loses its end, but gains expensive network, initially, for her.
4. Briefly, a state is inside the turncloak, for him.
5. German lion spins for him.
6. A returning pronoun is inside a confused dwarf, for him
7. He is marbled, and confused
8. Confused Shakespearen lover reveals him
9. No price? Twist it for him.
10. An endless tree for him.
11. Reorder a Valie for a minstrel.
12. No read, but backwards, for him.
13. French company shares his name.
14. A Norse God finds a way, for him.
15. A direction inside a bloomer, for him.
16. Note common spice in a spin, for him.
17. Middle ear bones, in discord, reveal her.
18. Archaic dirt returns for him.
19. He is someone that laments, chaotically
20. He is common in Spain.

Fair warning, #4 might be difficult unless you've read a certain book.
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