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Urwen has just left Hobbiton.
H: He is Atilla's father.
IMRAZOR: Initially, instant messaging and a shaving supplement reveal him.
SILMARIEN: A jewel loses its end, but gains expensive network, initially, for her.
T: Briefly, a state is inside the turncloak, for him.
OLWE: German lion spins for him.
R: A returning pronoun is inside a confused dwarf, for him
Y: He is marbled, and confused
OROME: Confused Shakespearen lover reveals him
F: No price? Twist it for him.
MALLOR: An endless tree for him.
I: Reorder a Valie for a minstrel.
DAERON: No read, but backwards, for him.
DIOR: French company shares his name.
L: A Norse God finds a way, for him.
E: A direction inside a bloomer, for him.
E: Note common spice in a spin, for him.
A: Middle ear bones, in discord, reveal her.
R: Archaic dirt returns for him.
T: He is someone that laments, chaotically
HUAN: He is common in Spain.
Tuor: Yeah, it was me who broke [Morleg's] arm. With a wrench. Specifically, this wrench.

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