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Mithadan has been trapped in the Barrow!

The door to the Seventh Star crashed open and a broad shouldered Man bearing two great sacks entered, ushered in by a chill breeze. He dropped the bags to the floor and turned, rubbing his hands together vigorously. Upon seeing the other occupants of the common room, he froze with a frown on his bearded face, then stepped forward drawing a long knife from his belt as he moved.

Mellonin stepped back with a slight gasp, but Estelyn stood still with a slight smile upon her face. As the Man advanced, she reached down to the guttered lantern and turned up the wick, illuminating her face. "Mae govannen," she said. "I know that Yule approaches rapidly but is it not too early to be doing any carving?"

The Man halted, then slid the knife back into its sheath. With a deep rolling laugh, he strode forward and grasped Estelyn in a great hug. "My Lady!" he cried. "I've not seen you in a week of ages as they say. Pardon my blade, but one cannot be too careful, you know. I thought you might be a squatter or worse yet some wight come to haunt the Inn." Then the smile seemed to fade from his face and he held her at arms length as if to examine her for some sign of darkness. "How is...?"

"Being cared for," she answered. "By one whom we trust. He will live."

"Good, good!" he boomed, his voice echoing off the rafters. Then he returned to his bags and rummaged through on quickly. When he straightened, he held a bottle which he tossed to Estelyn, who caught it deftly. "Open that and we'll have a toast to the Old Man after I put these things away."

"And what might these 'things' be?" asked Estelyn.

"Why supplies of course," he cried. "I've six more bags in a cart outside. And in a week's time workers will arrive to remodel this place." He waved at some cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. "After our friend went away, I took over here for a time. But I had unfinished business at home in Lossarnach and had to shut down for a bit. But we're re-opening soon."

"You!" he shouted. Mellonin cringed in fear. "If you want some wine, be a good girl and lend a hand with those bags. If I leave them too long they'll likely grow legs and walk off on their own. Now scoot...!"

As the young lady scrambled to the door, he smiled and spoke softly. "Good to see you, My Lady. Good to see you indeed."
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