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He had heard of men like this.

Following the shadows, he came out of hiding and crept along til he was below the great man's table, and then he cautiously stepped out into view, whiskers quivering.

Great brown eyes gazed down at him, and a rumbling chuckle rolled down the man's curly beard. "Well, declare yourself. Friend or foe?"

The mouse sat back on his haunches, and stared back.

"All right. Crumbs, I suppose?" And he tipped his mostly-empty bread plate onto the ground. But the mouse's belly was full from the generosity of Rg and his friend, and he sniffed at Baran instead.

Reaching for another apple, Baran watched the mouse, and the mouse watched him.

As he neared the bottom of the apple barrel, the girl wandered back to his table. Raising her eyebrow at the mouse, she smiled at Baran.

"I heard you humming," Baran growled. "So... sing, and perhaps I'll find a tale to tell after that." He raised a hand to wave for an ale, but one was already by his elbow. "Ah." He sat back.

Mellonin hesitated, but then a greycloaked shadow appeared at her own elbow, and offered her a tall glass of water. She took it. It was lukewarm. Her jaw dropped; how did he know? But the greycloaked shadow was already walking away. She took a deep drink, put the glass down, composed herself and began:

Anduin springs near Gunabad
Then mingles with Langwell;
He flows beneath the eagle's Eyrie
And round the Carrock tall.
Past Gladden, Lorien, through the Wold,
He bravely leaps the Falls,
Parts Nindalf, caresses Andros,
Washes Osgiliath's walls.

He gleams past Tirith, Lossarnach
And through Emyn Arnen;
He gathers strength at Erui
And Sirith of Lebennin.
Past Pelargir and Peres, there
he spreads upon the sands
by Dor-En-Ernil, and Belfalas
beyond the realm of men.

Oh Anduin, what sights you see!
In every vale and dell
The Elder and the Younger fill
Your shores, and secrets spill
Of home and flight, of peace and war
of victory and death's knell,
Alas! could we but read your runes,
What stories could we tell?

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